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Contribute Your Voice (#180voices180stories)

In less than a month, the edu180atl team will embark on an ambitious project. For 180 (week)days, the edu180atl project will allow 180 different learners to share their stories with the world. Each of learner will be lending his/her voice to a project which was conceived to:

  • nurture and encourage the spirits of those who love to learn,
  • connect learners across disciplines and settings, and
  • deepen the national conversation about education by enabling parents, students, and educators to share stories of what they are learning every day.

Already, a number of people — students, parents, teachers, authors, university professors — have applied to write for edu180atl. We hope you’ll apply to share your voice on one of the 180 days of the upcoming school year and also share this project with others.

As we countdown to 8.1.2011 and the launch of this project, the edu180atl team is already inspired by some of our applicants’ words:

Why participate in edu180atl?

One student says, “I have received a top-notch education through outstanding and inspirational teachers and programs. At first, I didn’t really see the need for this, because like all kids, I thought school was only fun for friends, lunch, and P.E. But then, I was shown this new mindset that opened me up to learning. I believe that this new mindset for education excellence has given me a sort of hunger to strive for a higher sort of learning. I now see the importance to improve upon ourselves in any way we can and to challenge ourselves to achieve this knowledge. I find this wonderful website ideal to help us and our community obtain the key knowledge we need to help challenge ourselves.”

One teacher remarks, “Because just as much as anyone, I need to wake up thinking “what will I learn today?” knowing that at some point in the day I have to put it down in pixels.”

And finally, one adult learner writes, “There is a Buddist proverb that says ‘When a student is ready the master appears’. My journey through life has always been of that person who recognizes the presence of a master. In my world I teach students how to learn to learn and how to make learning transparent. It is my passion to share those process based tools with as many learning-companions as I can. It will be wonderful to contribute to “my village” so to speak. I appreciate the collaboration.

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