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edu180atl: sucheta kamath 8.15.11

This is what I learned today, “You have to not only identify and celebrate those who are curious but invoke a sense of inquiry in every student!”

This summer, I did a workshop-style College Success Class for rising freshman discussing as well as teaching executive functions and self-management. Through discussions, practice and exercises we worked on restructuring thinking related to planning, organizing, time management and goal-orientedness to become self-initiating individuals.

All the students shared a common anomaly of executive dysfunction because of ADHD. Most knew that they needed this class to successfully transition to wider and newer opportunities of college; however, some students were in the class because their parents talked them into it. Getting all of them to become enamored by what life has to offer was not easy. In addition, working with students on things that are hard for them during “summer” was another challenge.

As part of the training, each student was asked to create a pictorial map showing what their “future” would look like in four years. On the last day, each student presented “My college map” to their peers. What was striking was that with a specific guidance and engagement every single student responded to the invocation with incredible appetite.

I have heard someone say that you cannot teach inspiration but you can help unlock it. Today, as a teacher-mentor I was moved by the power of invoked curiosity and was humbled by the chance to guide and direct impressionable learners.

About the author: Outside her clinical work, Sucheta is still busy “flying” which according to Douglas Adams is the art of learning to throw oneself to the ground and missing

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  1. Sucheta,

    What a privilege for these students to work with you. As a mother of a child with ADHD I can attest to the great struggle they have and the need for teachers who can help unlock their curiosity. Your work must indeed be rewarding. Thanks for sharing!

    August 16, 2011
  2. Stephen G Kennedy #

    I like your writing — and just as much, I liked learning about Douglas Adams’ definition of “flying.” Thank you for both!

    August 19, 2011
  3. Thank you Laura for your wonderful comment. In spite of their curious as well as creative minds, the ADHD students find themselves getting derailed by their internal & external distractibility. The presentation of distractibility or inattentiveness unfortunately juxtaposes the notion of self sustainability. We can all work on providing the ADHD students with the process of seeing the big picture and that becomes the key that unlocks the curiosity.
    Cheers and hope do many more banters with you

    August 20, 2011
  4. Hello Stephen
    Thank God for Douglas Adams! You know he wrote “Meaning of LIff” followed by “Deeper meaning of Liff”? Amazing….
    Enjoy the journey and thank you for your comments

    August 20, 2011

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