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edu180atl: tara subramaniam

Today marked the start of the first full week of school. After a few days to re-acclimatize ourselves with the routine, this week is the real deal.

I’ve realized so far, that high school is something new but still some of the same. It’s like finding an old favorite in the back of your bookshelf and pulling it out to rediscover the joys.

Re-Discovery. That’s what high school seems to be about for me. Being faced with a wide variety of options, sampling a few old and a few new ones then finally making some choices. Finding out who you really are all over again. High school allows you the opportunity to change some things about yourself and embrace others. Some of the old, some of the new. When you read that book a second time, some thing will still feel the same, but sometimes you’ll notice something new, maybe in the tone or voice. Subtle nuances that make a whole lot of difference.

High school isn’t about changing who you are, but about finding yourself again and reemerging, with maybe a few subtle changes.

So at the start of what I hope will be a fabulous, exploratory, authentic 21st century learning experience, I think of who I am, and who I hope to be. High school will change me a bit, but I’m ready. Ready to rediscover a world full of possibilities.

Tara (@TaraSubmarine) is a growing learner, interested in changing the world (specifically of education). She also loves food, reading, running and talking.

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  1. Great post, Tara. The journey to become self-actualized has no end point but is a constant process of self-discovery and reemerging, as you beautifully describe it. One of my wishes for students in high school is that they would have the courage to discover things about themselves they might not have known before high school. This requires a willingness to listen to one’s own true heart and not to the callings of the crowd, perhaps. You write with a remarkable maturity and sense of self. it will be fun with watch your path through high school! The school is a better place for having you there. Thank you for making time, at the start of a busy year, to share your learning with so many through this blog.

    August 22, 2011
  2. Realizing that you are getting to know WHO you are slowly but surely, that you are a work in progress, is one of the most important lessons. Embrace the opportunities to get to know yourself better each and every day. You have lots of learning ahead! Thanks for sharing.

    August 23, 2011
  3. Thanks for this, Tara. Truth is that any moment of transition is an ideal opportunity for reflection. I’m so glad that you’re taking this chance to think about who you are and how you might be evolving. I hope that other students and adults tuning into edu180atl will follow your example. Here’s to a great year!

    August 23, 2011

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