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edu180atl: greg lefever

Today I learned that a positive attitude makes all the difference.

Two students. Same class activity. One displays an attitude of excitement and challenge to solve the problem. One displays an attitude of indifference—too cool for school. Outcome—they both learn from the activity, but one enjoys the process and is open to learning. The others attitude holds him back and makes the activity seem like a slow torturous death.

Teachers talking in the teachers’ lounge about how different things are unfair. Sets a mood for the day. Teachers look at the positives of the day and the smiles of the students. Allows him to feel good and refreshed as he begins the school day.

You have the ability to choose your attitude. Your attitude becomes your character and your character is your destiny.

Attitudes are powerful. Make life fun and have a good one.

Greg is a fifth grade science teacher. Avid runner. Tries to always look at the positives in teaching and life.

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  1. In the midst of the hustle and bustle at the start of a school year, I really appreciate the reflection on keeping it positive. I recently heard someone talk about how powerful it would be if we made a point to approach people in our lives and say “Hey, I heard something great about you…” Our attitude can do so much to change our own capacity to learn, retain, and enjoy life, but our attitude also impacts everyone around us. Thank for the great reminder. It has made me stop and think about how I can fold this important life-lesson into the content based lessons of our classrooms and schools.

    August 26, 2011

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