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edu180atl: kara koetter


A virtue, yes. And something I continually seek in my personal and professional life. Growing up as a
child with a birthday one day before Christmas Day, patience was never my strong suit.

At the school where I work, a little girl named H has been walked into the school building each day by
her mother for all of last school year. At the start of this year my desire to help get this child to her class independently was strongly growing day by day. This little blonde-haired girl was still uncomfortable
without her mothers’ helpful hand to guide her way to the classroom.

This morning something changed.

I noticed H’s car in the carpool lane and with butterflies in my stomach, I thought…she is going to do it!

Racing to the car to greet her with a smile, I saw her timidly nod her head.

A smile on her face. An approving nod. I lifted her out of the car. Within a few steps we caught up with
a kindergarten student, E, and I asked her to help me walk H to class. E, sensing H’s hesitation, started
rambling about how she used to be scared of walking in alone but then the scariness just goes away. I
saw H’s face light up and head go higher as she talked to this “big kid.”

Today I learned that in order to grow, we must be patient. Sometimes we must wait for that
encouraging smile, strong hand to hold, or the acknowledgement that even a stranger can teach us a
little patience.

Kara Koetter(@KKoetter) is a teacher at Trinity School who is beginning to practice patience in her day to day life.

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  1. Maryellen #

    Kara, thanks for sharing such a touching story and one that we can all relate to at some point. Needing patience with a peer, with a student, with ourselves. Our growth is often slow, requiring more patience than we feel we have time to give or to spare. But for the steadfast, the growth comes. Thanks for holding H’s hand and encouraging her growth. You make a difference.

    August 26, 2011
  2. georgecouros #


    The best achievements are the ones that we spend time and effort in creating. Thanks for sharing this story as I know sometimes we want our students (and sometimes staff) to just be where we want them to be. If it was easy, why would we do it?

    Thanks again for sharing!

    August 27, 2011

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