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edu180atl: andrea mccranie 9.7.11

The crisp breeze in the air and the smell of fall is definitely among us.  The excitement was tangible this morning in carpool.  While I am excited that the promise of a new season is near, the reality also sets in.  After returning from the Labor Day holiday, the days are getting busier and busier.  Teachers are settling in, students are getting comfortable, and the calendar is filling up quickly.

Today I have been running since the alarm went off.  Earlier, while working with a student (and at the same time running through my To Do list in my head) my thoughts were consumed with how I am going to fit in the rest of my errands. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a Twitter post (@AndyStanley) pop up.

“If you can’t feed one hundred people, than feed just one.” –Mother Teresa. 

While the simplicity of this quote is obvious, the depth of it took my breath away.  What is all of this rushing for? How do I narrow down one idea, one website, one web 2.0 tool from all of the resources we are inundated with daily?

We are educators to help all students that we are entrusted with, but on the days that it all seems too overwhelming, it helps to just focus on one student, one idea, one tool at a time.  This is the real reason that we entered into this profession and this should be the thought that keeps us going.

Andrea McCranie (@afmc4) is an Academic Resource Specialist at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School.  She is excited about celebrating innovation and learning in all areas of her life.

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  1. P. Jackson #

    You are so right. Today was that kind of day for me and so during recess, I just settled down on the sidewalk with a below level student. We used chalk to review -ack words. I drew a blank and wrote -ack for three words that she needed to find an initial consonant for. It was grueling work for her to remember the difference between consonants and vowels, as well as, decode and put it all back together again on the first two words, but by the third word, I saw a flicker of light in her eyes and a smile. Taking the time to work with her today vs. grading an oversized stack of weekly papers that needed to be done for Thursday folders was truly gratifying.

    September 7, 2011
  2. Ah, yes, the calendar is filling up quickly. And with the many events, commitments, and scheduled appointments, how do we find time to “just be?” Thanks for the reminder of the reality of this time of year…the long, slow days of summer are becoming a distant memory, yet this new pace — frenzied at times but also full of energy and possibility — brings as many challenges as opportunities. May we learn to embrace those moments, find balance, and seek to “feed just one” or many more if we can.

    September 7, 2011

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