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edu180atl: elizabeth jamison 9.12.11

When I was in high school, I used to worry what the other kids would think of me. Was I dressed right? Did I seem cool?

Now that I’ve been teaching high school for several years, I celebrate what I was so afraid of as a kid. I don’t mind making a fool out of myself. Seriously.

One intense afternoon last year (we were in the middle of testing and everyone was on edge) I was teaching the final class of the day. My 9th graders were feeling a bit rambunctious. That was okay, though * they had such great chemistry that I didn’t mind a little craziness. I was trying to impart to them the importance of some literary device as it pertained to another work of prose.

There was a football player who sat in the back of the room who I will never forget. He was somehow disciplined and disorderly at the same time. In the middle of my lesson, he said something funny just as I was taking a hurried gulp from my Dasani. As I drank, I couldn’t help but laugh. I spewed liquid and spit in a gush that sprayed through a ray of light in front of me and all over the four students in the first-row desks.

For a second, all was silent. Then we laughed; I still smile thinking about it. Teachers get on the “stage” and make fools out of themselves every day.

That’s the good stuff.

Elizabeth B Jamison tweets at @ElBaJam. She is from Kennesaw, GA, and is a Mom, Wife, Writer, Editor, New Media, Computers & Writing scholar, Teacher, Musician.

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