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edu180atl: anna margaret woods 9.15.11

Today I learned how to make tea sandwiches, which I later served at a wedding shower.  I had never made these before, but I remembered that a friend of mine made them a while back, and they were absolutely delicious.  Making miniature sandwiches sounds simple. However, I am old and experienced enough by now to know that things are not always as easy as they seem, and it is best to have a set of instructions before you get started on something – particularly something that other people will be eating.

I texted my friend to ask her how far in advance she made these in the past and what exact ingredients she had used.  While waiting for her reply, I googled various recipes as well as suggestions about which bread is the best to use when making tea sandwiches.  Not only did I find the answer that I was looking for, I discovered new information regarding cultural differences.  Apparently the English prefer for their tea sandwiches to not have as much “stuff” in the middle, whereas Americans prefer lots of “stuff” between the bread.

The sandwiches were a success, and I credit my two gateways: asking a friend and the worldwide web.

Anna Margaret Woods is a 31 year old mother of a nine month old son, the proud owner of two dachshunds, a wife, and a part-time Benefit Analyst for a Health Insurance Broker.

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