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edu180atl: ted sadtler 9.20.11

The first thought that passed through mind today was “I wonder what I’m going to learn today?”  (Rest assured that I don’t think I’ve ever started a morning like that before.)  My morning routine continued much as it does on most days, with a small tweak.  I looked at myself in the mirror (morning teeth-brushing) a bit differently today.  It was part curious squint, part wink.  As I approached the driver’s-side car window I caught my reflection and did it again.  “What on Earth are you going to learn today,” I asked myself.

I’ve done this type of community blogging once before and I’ve learned that I never have a camera when the right moment comes along to capture that perfect image that would best illustrate the experience about which I’m blogging.  This time I packed a camera.  I went through my usual day, but I kept looking out for that one moment when I’d learn something.  I found myself sitting behind a group of students during a Tuesday morning devotional taking pictures.  And then I took this one.

Over that past 10 years of sitting in these seats with my students, have I ever considered what all this looks like from their perspective?  From anyone else’s perspective?  I’ve been wandering the halls of my school and the streets of my city taking in the same view, from roughly five and a half feet off the ground.

What would I see differently if I deliberately changed my perspective…more often?

About the author: Ted Sadtler (@senor206) is a teacher and coach at an independent school in Atlanta. He plans on asking himself this question more often…

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  1. Lynnae #

    Sure is nice to hear from you, Ted

    September 20, 2011
  2. Ted:

    So important to be able to see things from our students’ perspectives. We learn a great deal about what they “might” be thinking about us, about our work, and about who we say we are. Why don’t we ask them as well? What would we do if we asked and found out something unexpected?


    September 21, 2011

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