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edu180atl: carter thomas 9.26.11

I have learned that for the first time in a long time, this somewhat “type A,” driven lady that I am is under the deadline gun.

Usually, I would have been tinkering with a final draft of this post right now, rather than racing to finish, but I’ve learned that planning something to the nth degree can often hinder more than it can help.

I have to sheepishly admit that I’m glad I didn’t spend any of the weekend planning what I would write, for I was busy playing “mommy” to three precious children, and I would not have traded a single minute of it. As a nearly 32-year-old single lady, I had the chance to feel what it’s like to have little mouths depend on the food I made, expectant eyes react to the surprises I prepared, and impressionable hearts react to the directions I gave, the example I set. While I often know some of these feelings as a middle school teacher, I have the freedom to go home and escape to my own world where I only REALLY have to be accountable to myself.

And so this past weekend, between the few plans made for the kids’ sake, we made room for the unexpected, the unplanned – games, impromptu prayers, jam-on-the-piano-and-guitar time, movies, and “tuck ins.” In the midst of the weekend playing “mommy,” I learned more intently what a consuming, complex, and all the more beautiful, creative, and essential job it is to be a mother.

About the Author: Carter is a lumbering soul on this gift of a journey, who loves being with her family, friends, 6th and 7th grade English students, and the teams she’s privileged to coach.  Along the way, she’s still learning how to BE with faith, music, poetry, movement, and nature, her guiding muses. She reflects on everyday grace on her blog.

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  1. Carter! How lucky are those wee ones to have had a weekend with you. Thanks for the amazing post. I’ve gotten to do so many amazing things in my life… yet none compares with the joy of parenting. It’s a topsy-turvy life, to be sure. The best laid plans often go the way of the emergency trip the bathroom, the sudden onset of strep, the just-remembered homework assignment, and the total inability to find a matching pair of socks in the morning. A sense of humor helps, as does a healthy and frequent dose of self-forgiveness. Parenthood has kept me humble as I’ve paraded around soccer fields with oatmeal stains on my shirt, walked out of the house with everyone’s hair brushed but mine, and served up fruity pebbles and OJ for dinner when I just can’t find a fresh vegetable in the fridge. But, I would not trade those whole body hugs, slobbery kisses, and sweet calls of Mommy for anything. I remember telling my own mother that until I’d become a parent, I’d never loved so completely outside myself. And, one thing I loved as I read your post was that it made me remember and give thanks for all the women in the lives of my own children who have filled important roles of mother/ nurturer/ sustainer/ supporter. It takes a village; the luckiest children are the ones with strong women like you in their lives!

    September 26, 2011
  2. Carter:

    Reflecting on care-taking was an important culmination to what sounded like a great experience. Hard to know how much you will enjoy something until you dive right in. From your post, it was obvious you treasured all the moments with the three little ones. I am happy for you that you created space to share your life with them and learn from them. I would agree that not much else should have gotten in the way, as it didn’t. Thank you for sharing the experience with us and reflecting on what it meant in the midst of a busy life that was going to stand still while you had fun.

    Bob Ryshke

    September 27, 2011

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