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edu180atl: barbara wyle 9.29.11

OK, first I must confess that I have a daughter who is a sustainable farmer. So, I have a vested interest in understanding and appreciating our food sources. That said, it was surprising today when a PE lesson about muscles and core strength lead to lots of ughs! and eews! after the following exchange.

One student said, “I eat ribs!”

Then I, the PE teacher, said, “The barbeque ribs you eat are the muscles and rib bones from a pig.”

This little exchange sparked a reflection on how food sources have changed in my 60 years. I did not grow up on a farm with animals but I watched the messy job as my mother cut up a whole chicken before it was cooked. Children today eat chicken nuggets and fingers most of the time. There is no opportunity for children to make the connection to the animal sources of their meat when it is so highly processed. And secondly, the exclamations indicated if the meat they ate came from an animal it was some how disgusting.

Wow, instead of an appreciation for meat on their plates it was-Yuck!

It is extremely important for children to make connections between original food sources and the meats, fruits, and vegetables they eat. The school and urban garden trend is helpful but the best lessons come from home.

About the Author: Barbara Wyle teaches at The Lovett School, enjoys being outdoors, and loves food adventures…just not spicy hot!!

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  1. Barbara:

    You are posing a very interesting question. I have a daughter who recently became vegan. In addition, she is an artist whose paintings contain images and themes related to how we mistreat animals, especially those that are part of our food source. The mass production of food, as you so aptly describe, has distanced our children from the source. You are right, they have little sense of where it all comes from.

    I like what Michelle Obama is doing as she leads our country, our children, into a state of greater awareness about tilling the land, growing food, and eating the food we grow.

    We need to do more to educate our children.

    Thank you!

    Bob Ryshke

    September 29, 2011

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