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edu180atl: tina mccormick 10.6.11

I have learned today that the road to simplification is sometimes more complicated than the starting point.  It all began when I decided to go paperless in my classes.  To this end, I decided to change a paper quiz into an online quiz.  After a good bit of discussion and research, I found the website most people are using, and I made the switch.  Excited as the students entered the room, I made the quiz available to them, and then sat back dreaming of the extra time I would gain not having to grade 50 quizzes.  I could read a novel, do a 5000-piece puzzle, or perhaps learn to play the guitar.

Unfortunately, as the students began finishing their quizzes, chaos erupted.  Their answers were right, but the website was not giving them the points they deserved!  There was wailing and gnashing of teeth (yes, I am a Bible teacher) Anarchy. Protests. Mutiny.  Meanwhile, I sat at my desk trying desperately to bring peace and harmony to the classroom, by repeatedly entering pleas in the “Help” resource box for the website.

I guess I will postpone the guitar lessons.  The good news is that I know it will get better.  But for now, I have learned that simplification is anything but simple.

 Tina McCormick (@tmccormick325) teaches a Bible survey course to students in the 7th grade. She is an ordained Presbyterian minister.
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