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edu180atl: ramesh subramaniam 10.13.11

Yesterday, at 9:45 am CET, as the plane pushed back from the gate in Frankfurt, I was settling into a routine flight back into Atlanta.  However, after a few “long” hours, due to a maintenance issue that could not be resolved, the flight was cancelled and I found myself stranded in Germany with changed plans.  Instead of being home yesterday, I am now on a flight and getting back to the office and home a day later than planned.

As I think back, I should have anticipated better the implications of the changing flight situation and the resulting chaos.  Had I called the airline frequent flyer desk immediately, even 10 minutes earlier than I did, I might have been home last night because there was possibly one other flight option from Europe at that time.

However, what complicated matters even more yesterday was that all hotels were sold out in Frankfurt due to a major tradeshow and that the BlackBerry service was not working properly. Most passengers dealt with the challenges calmly while a few were selfish and rude.  When one faces unanticipated situations like these, it is best to focus only on what actions one can control and not worry about all the “uncontrollables.”

My learning for the day, happening in a different place (35,000 ft in the air) than envisioned, is the importance of anticipating change, proactively taking corrective action, focusing only on the “controllables” and for the rest, just “going with the flow.”

About the Author: Ramesh Subramaniam advises corporate clients in the areas of collaboration, innovation and global business development.  Through his two girls and their teachers, he is a passionate believer in 21st century education.


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  1. Millie Pryles #

    How wise. We all need to just let go of things out of our control. I will remember your wise advice the next te I fly.

    October 13, 2011

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