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edu180atl: suzanne edwards 10.14.11

Every day I try walk down a trail that passes right by the Chattahoochee River. As a creature of habit, I also park in the same lot. Yesterday evening my usual parking lot was full so, after waiting a few minutes, I declared defeat and begrudgingly drove to another lot. To reach the river, I now had to walk across a bridge that looked steamy, full of exhaust fumes, and overall unappealing to me. I ventured quite unhappily across it, not at all pleased with the change in my routine.

Steps onto the bridge an unexpected event occurred; an incredibly cool, crisp, refreshing autumn breeze swept over me. Yesterday was a muggy, rather warm, sticky day, yet here was this remarkable, invigorating, and inspirational breeze that continued the entire length of the bridge. I exited that bridge feeling like a new person with a spring in my step and renewed enthusiasm for my walk.

As science educator, I’ve accumulated quite a bag of tricks. I have fun, engaging lessons, demonstrations, lectures, and labs. I’ve fine-tuned them, mastered them, and continue to use them year after year. As I started my day this morning, I asked myself, why do I continue to follow the same path in my lessons? This creature of habit rears its boring head. Today at school I challenged myself to try a new path. Why? My classroom needed a breeze.

About the Author: Suzanne Edwards (@suzedw) is a science teacher at Trinity School, mother of three, and a firm believer that a rushing river soothes a soul.

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  1. Maryellen Berry #

    Our routines provide normalcy for us yet they can stagnate our thinking and creativity. I am inspired by your post, Suzanne.

    October 15, 2011

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