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edu180atl: meghan stahling 10.24.11

This afternoon I had another teaching interview (and am left praying for the position). Who knew that teaching could be such a tough profession to get into?  In 2007 I stopped denying my calling to get into education and started graduate school. I now have a Masters in Teaching and am going on my 11th month being unemployed.

In addition to the wealth of knowledge about teaching I’ve learned over the past few years, I’ve recently discovered some of the “ins and outs” to get into teaching.

One major item of note is the importance of connections when searching for a teaching position. Prior to this search, I knew how important networking was in the business world, but didn’t recognize that it works quite similarly in education. Knowing principals is crucial; in most cases you won’t even get in the door without knowing someone in the school.

A few other bits of advice include:

  • Get on substitute lists wherever possible
  • Volunteer where you want to work
  • Be prepared to answer questions about how you will teach reading and math
  • Write thank you notes after interviews
  • Don’t assume that submitting your application online will do anything…you must contact administrators at the school to further express your interest, and then maybe, just maybe you’ll get an interview

This advice was recently given to me- “It’s not who you know, but who knows you.” If you’re in a similar position, put yourself out there and make yourself known!

About the author: Meghan Stahling has her Masters in Teaching, and is searching for that perfect elementary teaching position. Know of anything?

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