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edu180atl: ginger lehmann 10.26.11

Every day I teach students whose appearance and experiences are drastically different from mine. I learn from this diversity each day, and my eyes have been opened to issues of privilege and social justice that exist around me. Tonight I listened to a group of remarkable, strong and courageous hispanic young women, high school students, as they told their stories and expressed their hopes for the future. These girls are faced with the challenges of recent immigration policies as they plan for their continuing education. What I learned tonight is that policies are more than just words on an official document. They are more than “ayes” and “nays” on a meeting room floor. There are faces and families and stories behind these laws. There are also hopes and dreams and worries and fears. Regardless of the ideologies that guide your steps, these considerations must not be ignored.

About the author: I am Ginger Lehmann (@ginsuz ). I teach high school English to a group of
students rich in diversity and experience in Athens, the home of Georgia’s oldest state
university. I am also a mother to four children who attend school in the local school

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  1. Ginger, thanks for sharing this experience. It’s at times difficult to hear people speak in abstraction about something that affects so many lives. I wonder, if we kept things “less abstract,” would we make decisions differently? Great post!

    October 26, 2011

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