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edu180atl: katie story 11.8.11

Light streamed into my bedroom window and playfully danced on my sheets. First thought, thank you for election days! Normally a Tuesday would mean not even halfway done with the week. But today, it means no school. And of course, the no school to-do list. My mother’s? Write your essay. Mine? Paint my toenails, vacuum, and start that darn dialectical journal for Lang. So now it’s a little after 2 and only 1/3 of those things have been done. I’ve learned that even with the best of intentions and greatest of will-power life is going to interfere and keep your list always unfinished. Sometimes life comes in the form of a travel channel show documenting life in Japan. Or maybe life gets you lost in a backwoods town in Georgia while you desperately try to find a state park. Maybe I’ve always known that life has its own agenda, indiscernible from my own, but today I’ve just accepted it. Life doesn’t care if you have a deadline, you’re late to a friend’s birthday dinner, or you really don’t want to see those people at a Day of the Dead festival. Life, while being a truly awesome breakfast cereal, can really put a damper on things when you just need something to be finished. Life has its own plan and if that plan involves three more hours of “How I Met Your Mother” reruns, so be it.

About the Author: Katie Story is 16 years old and doesn’t really know who she is yet, but will let you know when she finds out.

Image Credit:  Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.0 Photo by Ashley Dace

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  1. Kristi Story #

    Welcome to adulthood! “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” sang the late, great John Lennon in his song “Beautiful Boy.” As a mature young lady (I know since I’m your mom), you are well on your way to making the right choices that will allow you to have time to do the fun things in life as well as the have-to’s. Those distractions can be so enriching or sometimes just refreshing and relaxing. Enjoy!

    Now, about those hours of reruns….

    November 10, 2011
  2. Megan Howard #

    Loved hearing that whimsical and enthusiastic voice of yours in this post, Katie! Sometimes life takes us in directions which don’t always seem like they lead to the right places (or down the most productive paths), but it’s funny what you can learn without a schedule, a to-do list, or a well thought out plan. And, you know what, sometimes it’s nice to take some time to relax and just let life (and reruns) pass on by in order to get energized for the next thing.

    November 10, 2011

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