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edu180atl: melissa payne 11.11.11

You can’t take it with you. Well, some of it you can (see: the stacks of boxes I have recently packed and lugged across town), but a lot of it, you can’t (see: my lovely little house that just sold yesterday, and, true to the current economic climate, the funds I had to bring to closing to sell it). I woke up today free of the responsibilities that come with owning a home, but those stacks of boxes are just as much of a burden. As I walked through the living room this morning to head out the front door, it hit me; I don’t particularly want or need a lot of the contents of those boxes. The things I want to do or have aren’t easily stuffed into a cardboard box, and I am ready to begin the quest of achieving them. A trip to Europe, visiting my friends in Canada, learning how to finally use the sewing machine my grandmother gave me, walking or riding my bike along the Silver Comet Trail, being the best me I can be… it would be great if I could just open up one of those boxes in the living room to find these goals and dreams readily available to me, but I know that it will require some effort and patience on my part. Although selling the house was not the easiest thing to do, moving out will allow me to move forward, and the future is the greatest possession any of us have.

Melissa Payne is a Media Specialist at Trinity School in Atlanta. Books, movies, tacos, and being an aunt are a few of her favorite things.

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