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edu180atl: lynn johnson 11/15/11

Funny thing that today is my day to write because it really is “my day”!

It’s that once a year day I’d like to forget as I (quickly) approach the big 5 – 0! As I visit classrooms, I am overwhelmed by the “happy birthday” chorus…not my idea to share it was my birthday. However, the real lesson I’ve learned today is how well my co-workers know me. I’m truly surprised!

Not everyone knows I love things that smell good, love chocolate (but just a little), adore sunflowers, think I’m a detective, or enjoy a good jelly bean, but my co-workers have somehow managed to figure that out…I must be more transparent than I knew. I also learned how resourceful some people can be…our theme book this year is “The Carrot Seed” emphasizing to the staff how to not give up and to believe in their own garden of “carrots”…one person gave me a bucket full of carrots (ink pens)…honestly, I must work around the most creative people! I guess I really learned how lucky I am!

About the Author:  Lynn Johnson is the principal at Mimosa Elementary in Fulton County.  She enjoys finding humor in everyday situations and anything to do with technology.

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