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180 voices. 180 stories.

180 voices. 180 stories.

Voices of learners. Stories about learning.

Our mission to nurture, encourage, inspire, connect, enable, and deepen the conversation about education is being realized…one voice, one story, and one post at a time.

Very soon, the edu180atl project will hit the official halfway mark.

Our 90th post will be published next week.

As the edu180atl team reflects on the work of 2011, it would be easy to count the number of site visits, comments, tweets, “likes,” and followers as a measure of our success.

However, like so many things in education…

…the success of this project is best told through words…not numbers.

The success of this project is best shared through people…not faceless data.

Thus, over the next two weeks, we will share stories about the impact of this project. If you would like to add your voice and share your story about what the edu180atl project has meant to you, please email us. Write a brief reflection and send it to the edu180atl team at the following address: edu180atl [at] gmail [dot] com. We look forward to hearing from you.


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