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180 voices. 180 stories. #edu180impact

Anna, a learner and a student in seventh grade, writes…

The edu180atl project has pushed me to “think outside the box” more than I normally do. Many posts have gotten me thinking about what I could do more often–talk to neighbors, appreciate the small things in life, rest a minute, and think about the big things. It’s made me think about our community, and what could be improved in it, and it’s helped my confidence. I was nervous, sharing my writing to the world when I could barely share it in a classroom. Once my two posts were up, on the beta site and then the official version, and I knew people were looking at them from all around Atlanta, I’ve seen an increase in my confidence. I’m now able to share my writing homework in English with just a small bit of butterflies in my stomach, not the… flock?… that occupied it before. I think edu180atl is a great idea, and inspires everyone to not just think about the exams coming up, but be happy that the sun’s coming up and the world’s still spinning.

180 voices. 180 stories.

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