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180 voices. 180 stories. #edu180impact

Tara, a learner and ninth grade student, writes…

This project has had such a huge impact on me.

It inspired me to blog more often, and really begin to develop my own blog. I even borrowed their prompt as the start of my blog, to give me initial fuel for my writing. The edu180atl project encouraged me to think deeply about what I do each day, to really concentrate on what I learned. Being a part of this project has allowed me to connect with people involved in education all over Georgia. It has allowed me to learn alongside the other writers, to glimpse what school is like for teachers and students on different campuses, and even see different perspectives of teachers/students I know on my campus.

I can’t wait to see how this project develops and grows over the years. Even now, I’ve seen it go from intimate beta test to full blown, school year long, state wide, nationally viewed project.  I am confident that it will grow even further. Like any plant, the nourishment of all these posts and supportive comments and spawned projects for other places allow this project to flourish and bloom.

180 voices. 180 stories.

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  1. Tara,

    Kudos on deciding to start a blog and even more encouragement on continuing to ‘see’ other perspectives. That is a tremendous accomplishment for someone so young, but you will definitely benefit in the long run.


    December 7, 2011

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