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edu180atl: erin dixon 12.7.11

I have been thinking about today – my blogging day – for  a week now hoping that I would have some “ah-ha” learning moment about which I could write.  It occurred to me, though, that my writing would not center around that type of moment but instead around a central thought running through my head: This is a tough time of year, so what is it that keeps me going through the madness?

As I went about my normal morning routine at school, the answer became very clear. Quite simply: I work with the best faculty. I have so much respect for their passion, their ideas, and the enthusiasm with which they approach their craft. Middle school students can be exhausting both physically and mentally! And while we are at a point in the year where everyone is tired and ready for a break, you would never know it by the conversation and teaching happening in our halls and classrooms. This picture shows a group of 8th grade teachers in a civics classroom “collaborating.” OK, I won’t lie. I staged the picture this morning since I knew I needed one for my blog entry, but in reality, this picture could be found any day of the week on any hall of our middle school. As my craziness continues, I have learned to focus on what keeps me going, what inspires me, and what makes the chaos of this time of year actually enjoyable. For me, that’s definitely my fellow faculty members.

Erin Dixon is a nerdy educator who loves anything related to science and new Apple gadgets, a mom to a beautiful 6 year-old-daughter, and a high-heel fanatic. 

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  1. Erin:

    Revel in the craziness. I think out of the craziness comes wonderful moments of creativity. I find when things are a bit crazy some wild and interesting ideas emerge (so long as there isn’t too much stress). I think this time of year lends itself to that. Students are so energized by the season. I love that you are enjoying your colleagues and the collaborative spirit that resides in the group. If you enjoy and respect your colleagues, then you have a culture worth teaching in. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reflections.


    December 8, 2011

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