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edu180atl: kim moulton 12.9.11

This semester, I have been on both sides of the desk. By day, I am Intern Extraordinaire, imparting all-important knowledge about grammar and parts of speech on my young, inquisitive(ish) middle school students. By night, I am Professional Student, absorbing all the information my grad school professors can bestow on me.

I learned how to design a differentiated lesson and how to diffuse the ticking time bomb that is a hormonal sixth grade girl. I learned how short 18 weeks can seem when trying to fit in every unit and standard, and how long last period on a Friday afternoon can feel. I learned the magic of collaboration and caffeine. I learned to appreciate the quiet of test days and the dull roar of students working excitedly. I learned how to use those eyes in the back of my head. I learned how to use my tiny amounts of free time most efficiently. I learned how to multitask. Oh, boy, did I learn how to multitask. I learned that sometimes, I can learn as much from my students as I can from my professors.

I definitely learned how completely exhausting, frustrating, and challenging teaching can be. But most importantly, I learned how rewarding the tiniest victory feels, how proud my students make me, and how there is absolutely no other profession I would rather have for the next 30 years.

 Kim Moulton is a student at Kennesaw State pursuing a MAT in English Secondary Education and an intern in Cobb County. She sleeps on weekends and needs a job in the fall!

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