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180 voices. 180 stories. #edu180impact

In honor of the edu180atl project’s halfway point, we have been posting a number of short reflections about the impact of this project. The edu180atl team, which consists of public and private school educators, have worked diligently since last spring to make our mission a reality. We hope you will continue to support the edu180atl project as we embark on the next half of our journey.

Lynnae, a learner and educator writes,

I enjoy reading these posts.  Thank you for the opportunity to hear from learners (many of whom are my colleagues), and to stay connected with a larger community.  I find that the to-do list consumes my day, and it’s a pleasure to pause and be reminded of larger learning.  It’s also pretty swell to realize I’m a member of a thriving, energetic group with multiple perspectives and ways of learning.

And Bob, a learner and educator, writes…

The edu180atl project has connected me to teachers, students, parents and others who show a deep interest in learning.  Their offerings and receptivity to my reflections have enriched my understanding of what it means to teach and learn.  I have grown through the experience. I look forward to edu180atl’s future.

We do too.

180 voices. 180 stories.

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