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edu180atl: allen simmons 12.14.11

Today I learned that even a mischievous little man deserves my best efforts each day…

On a beautiful and atypical 70 degree December day like today, I have the pleasure of teaching tennis to kids of all ages and abilities. The kids at our tennis academy have forgone the typical learning path to follow a dream of becoming world class tennis players. Each of our academy kids takes classes online and commits much of their time to being on the court.

Like any teaching or coaching position, patience and dedication are necessary to get the most out of each individual’s abilities…

Today a mischievous little man tested all reasonable patience, but he also re-sparked the notion that each kid deserves my best teaching effort, reminding me that I owe it to each individual to do the best to maximize their learning experience.

Teaching is a labor of love regardless of the content. Each day requires patience and dedication to vary the teaching methods for every kid, despite their ability or level. Even those mischievous students deserve my best each day.

About the Author: Allen Simmons is a student and a teacher and sometimes both at the same time (you never know what you may learn from a student). He’s in grad school by night, and teaches tennis to kids of all ages by day.

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  1. Helpful reminder, Allen, which I carry with me as I finish reading student exams today. A test well-designed produces a wealth of valuable insights into each kind of mind, each individual young person.
    Thanks again.

    December 16, 2011

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