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edu180atl darnelle eversley 12.15.2011

Today I learned what it takes to make oil and vinegar mix.

I have taken two science classes this semester have enjoyed every bit of it dearly. Just recently in my Human Anatomy class we worked on science fair projects. My project was based on emulsifiers and being able to have to objects mix using it. I learned that with an emulsifier oil and vinegar do mix. As me and my partner went through our project we used an egg as our emulsifier. Thinking all we needed was the egg white we continued with the project. With the egg whites only the oil and vinegar separated instead of mixing. Later we found that in order to have the oil and vinegar mix we needed the yolk of the egg. The project turned out great in the end and with the extra research we were happy to find how to fix our mistake.

In addition to learning about the emulsifier another thing I learned overall was how to not procrastinate in life. Being the end of the semester i am happy to make it in addition to being thankful to all my teachers for helping me along the way.

Darnelle Eversley is a senior at Clarkston High School and loves science.

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