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edu180atl: peyten dobbs 1.10.12

The fog this morning hung there like a grey blanket washed one-too-many-times with a pink sweater, a dull thickness that settled in with a calming stillness. It was the only still thing about my day. The rest of my day….well, think of a wet mutt shaking off in the fog. My day was a water droplet flying off that mutt. Rapid chaos.

I am a person who likes order, systems. I like for each moment to have its time, for each element of my day to fit: breakfast, class, break, coaching, exercise, family, friends, fiancé (my favorite!), rest, sleep. I like for things to be settled. Like the fog. But more and more these days, my fog droplets are being shaken and end up in rapid motion.

Today I learned a way to cope with the shaking dog, so to speak. As a way of lessening the stress of my unsettled time, I played with the words “have” and “get.”

I have to get to stay a little later in office hours than I thought to help some students.

I have to get to swing by Paper Affair to choose my save-the-dates with my fiancé.

I have to get to leave early to go coach the JH girls basketball team.

I have to get to attend Mission Council for the Sustainability Committee at church.

I have to get to write this post.

I have to get to choose my attitude about every endeavor. Today I had  got a better day.

Peyten Dobbs (@epdobbs; is learning to balance. 

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