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edu180atl: maria madden 1.17.12

Today I tried a new technique, and I was particularly curious to see how my students would react.  Teaching Middle School students anything is challenging, but being a language teacher often has its own set of challenges.  I am constantly trying to engage them and make learning fun.  Sometimes the best way for me to predict how my students will react, is to think about how I felt when I was their age- I put myself in their shoes.  Sometimes this thought process works, and sometimes it doesn’t!

I love how receptive the students in seventh grade are to new things, and this class in particular seems to consistently find joy in the smallest things.  With all of the new tools and technologies in abundance today, trying something new can be terrifying- teachers want every lesson to be effective, innovative and to instantaneously see learning happening- life isn’t that predictable, and neither is teaching and learning.  I have learned to be more flexible from my students.  Watching my students get excited about their learning is truly a gift that I am blessed to receive in big and small ways each day.  I yearn to always be aware enough to notice it!


Bio:  Maria Croley Madden (@mrcbarbie) is Middle School Spanish teacher and coach who loves to cook and runs marathons to keep her sanity! 

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