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edu180atl: andrea nunn 1.18.12

As with any other day of teaching, I wonder if I am truly making a difference in the lives of my students.

I hope and pray that at least one person is listening to what I say. Whether it’s through reiterating a point or just speaking my mind as the mood takes me there, I hope one or more of my kids is taking it in. Today I played the video of the homeless high school student from NY who is a semi- finalist for the Intel Science Talent Search Scholarship. As the video played, I sat and watched the reactions of my kids. As I thought, there were those who made jokes of her circumstances. But when it ended, there were others who had questions or just listened. I could see then, that no matter how I deliver my message of perseverance and staying on track to your dreams, someone is listening.

Today showed me that even though I don’t get the immediate results I want, I have to keep sending the message. I can’t stop delivering this message even though some refuse or are not ready to receive it.

I realize a few don’t want to hear it now.

Maybe they will decide soon that the message is worth internalizing. But I am still learning that my approach to this message must come in different fashions. Maybe I can reach more if I try different things. Either way, I still pray an additional student is listening.

About the Author: Hampton University graduate, teacher, and parent, Andrea Nunn one day wants to counsel students to help them reach their post-secondary goals. Right now, she  just wants inspire her students to enjoy reading, writing and continuous learning.

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