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edu180atl: garrett kuk 1.24.12

Sometimes learning means doing less.

As an entrepreneur, I’m becoming increasingly aware of the importance of limiting distractions and outside stimuli in order to “let my mind breathe.” When problem-solving in our current Age of Information, it is tempting to pursue statistics, case studies, best practices, and other quantifiable markers while forsaking more qualitative solutions. The mind sometimes requires time and perspective to analyze complex problems and obstacles; sometimes the best results appear with unrelated consequences.

A businessman asked his employees to construct a building on a recently-drained riverbed. The workers opted to let the ground dry overnight before beginning construction. On this day 164 years ago, the workers returned to the dry riverbed to discover gold flakes — setting off a Gold Rush that forever transformed California.

It is good and noble to pursue structured learning and to measure our efforts toward goals, whether scholastic or corporate. Yet there is a certain mystery to inspiration that eludes a regimented schedule, and in a way, it rewards the patient laborer. If we are to continue learning, we must budget our time & resources to maximize efficiency as well as allowing our problems to breathe a bit — and we may surprise ourselves with nuggets of truth we uncover as a result.

About the author: Garrett Kuk (@garrettkuk) is social media strategy partner @Speakeasy_Media, where he helps local businesses share their stories & engage customers online.

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