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edu180atl: frank lock 1.31.12

One reason I was attracted to this project is because that is a question I asked my two daughters (now 37 and 33) every day. Many times I’d asked “What was the best thing you learned today?”

Being retired, I am able to choose what I want to do each day.

Most of the time, I choose too many things. The main things I did today:

I finished reading a bio about Jerrold Zacharias. He was a noted educational reformer, in particular a science education reformer. In the last few pages of the book I learned that he died when he was 81, not too long after he retired. He had a terrific and success-filled life. He probably would have had much more joy had he retired earlier. I did and I am.

I made a “science careers” presentation to eleven 7 – 9 year olds, at a local elementary school. I had nine or so simple demonstrations that they really enjoyed, then we talked about why science careers are fun. They had lots of questions and couldn’t wait to get their hands on some of the things I had brought. I learned that students that age can ask lots of good questions. I had to get them to raise their hands because they really wanted to shout out questions. I also learned that it was just as much fun as I anticipated.

It has been a good day and I have lots more to learn!

About the Author: Frank Lock, retired chem and physics teacher, enjoys reading, astronomy, running and his four grandkids. He’s working to make public education what it should be.

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