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edu180atl: broderick turner 2.2.12

I am messy.

Other teachers have rooms that look like they were crossbred with Martha Stewart Living and Harry Wong- a combination of style and Bloom’s taxonomy posters. My classroom has always looked like a warzone- discarded papers, kid’s half eaten stealth sandwiches,discarded marker caps and an unfinished word wall.

Last week I decided that the madness had to stop.

So I went to war with mess.

I started with my car. Then my kitchen. Then my desk. Then my classroom…

And the kids seem…calmer.

They even are picking up after themselves. Maybe I’m imagining it, butI think my clean classroom is making my students happier, better people.

Heck, I know keeping my dirty clothes off the living room floor is making my fiancĂ©e happier, so maybe it’s not too much of a stretch that a clean environment can have a positive effect.

Today, I learned my mom was right when 20 years ago she told me that keeping my room clean would make me feel better. I always thought she was trying to trick me into cleaning. Turns out, my mom knew best.

Bio:@broderickturner Google: Who is the most creative man on earth? Yep.

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