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edu180atl: andrea morgan 2.10.12

My family makes fun of me: I can’t remember the titles of books. I can recreate the contents, but rarely the “cover.” This omission may suggest that I have learned to judge a book by its contents rather than its cover. NO! I learned this rather painfully today.

I noticed a young family at my place of worship. Based on their appearance (I know, dangerous territory here) and my brief encounters with them, I assumed (okay, I know!) that they were somewhat “earthy” and not particularly well educated. Wrong!

Today the gentleman (notice the change in perspective?), made a presentation that sank right under my skin into the place where splinters lie. It was equally the ideas he presented, incredibly deep and thought provoking, as it was the eloquence of his words and manner. I was shocked! Mesmerized! I had woefully misjudged this man; how could I have judged him at all? That is not my role. Apparently, I had forgotten.

In a beautiful suit and tie with stylish glasses (is this what it takes for me to sit up and take notice?), the speaker dove into the Torah/Pentateuch/First Five Books of the Old Testament and painted them in a manner I had never contemplated. Providing history, analogies and current connections, he opened the cover of this book for me so that I might devour its contents. I learned that in order to avoid judging a book by its cover, one must actually open the book (note the analogy here!).

Andrea Morgan teaches Middle School Math, is Department Head and MathCounts Coach, a fitness fanatic who loves her family and the out of doors.

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  1. Margee Durand #

    Wonderful A! What must you think of me in my jeans? 🙂 Besides what a mess. I think we should keep this in mind everything we jump to judge.

    February 15, 2012
  2. Andrea,

    What a great reminder. In addition to what someone looks like, I need to do better job of making space for someone who is more “quiet.” Often, I am blown away by the powerful reflections and contributions once they are shared. Just today, in an early morning breakfast meeting, I was humbled by the company of a couple of introverts who had such keen insights.

    February 15, 2012

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