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edu180atl: jeff morrison 2.20.12

What did I learn today? I learned that pedagogical interactions are not limited to the classroom. I learned the inherit love of teaching is genetically embedded within human nature. I learned that one’s “teacher” identity is not isolated from the development of one’s pedagogical identity and that it would be impossible to separate the two. I learned that music transcends the core curriculum. Today I took a step outside the confines operational management and into a dialogical environment that embodies what it means to transform information into knowledge.

I learned that pedagogical practices are often times misaligned with methods of teaching as it takes place within the confines of classroom space. This assumes that various instructional methods such as corporative learning, socratic instruction, etc. are pedagogical measures that motivate, inspire, and facilitate student learning while developing a base of knowledge. This form of pedagogical interpretation relies on an objectified and written curricular order; it is geared towards groups of students collectively, not as individuals, it is impersonal and regulated, for both the student and teacher. Today this was challenged and I was inspired by musicians, musicians with a passion for teaching and musicians with a passion to share their gifts with children. Today I learned that pedagogy needs to be viewed as human work, not classroom dictation; my experience today reinforced my desire to transform classrooms from monological spaces to ones that exhibit dialectical unity between praxis and theory, reflection and action. Today I learned that modern education must focus on building relationships and establishing trust between groups and actors, teachers and students. This is what I learned today.

About the Author: Jeff Morrison is a father, husband, educator, student, human. Address: Earth.

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