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edu180atl: catherine douthard 2.23.12

This morning, on Winter Break, I decided to finally sift through the pile of Valentine gifts, cards, and goodies bestowed on me last week at our Valentine’s Day party. Sadly, burdened by the demands of the classroom, I had gathered it all up and placed it in a bag to be looked at later. When I left school last Friday, I felt exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated with paperwork, deadlines, and inappropriate student behavior that was making learning and teaching difficult.

Today, as I look at the store-bought cards, a plethora of candy and the traditional red-heart candy boxes, I began to see something more. Amidst the colorful wrappings, I started to see the scrawl of child’s name, a note of love to “Mrs. D,” and the handmade cards by students who wanted me to know they loved me. One card said just that, “I Love You.” Another said, “You have made my 5th grade year succesful (sic) and making (sic) me want to learn more.”

I learned (again) from my students to not let the outside pressures of teaching in a world of politics and state testing deter me. I must always listen to the “quiet” of my classroom to hear the inner voices of my students. They need me to be my best every day. With renewed faith, I will proudly stand at my classroom door to greet the students on Monday. “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

About the Author: Catherine Douthard is a teacher/instructionaltechnology specialist who enjoys sharing resources at Find her on Twitter here: @mrsd5107.

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  1. Inner voices, yes. Thank you for the story’s reminder of this all-important aspect of their lives, and our lives. Amidst these outside pressures and noises you adeptly describe sits that powerful and sustaining inner voice. One of our jobs is to help students express that voice fully and clearly. Thank you again.

    February 24, 2012
    • Catherine Douthard #

      Thank you for the kind words! We must continue to believe in our students.

      February 24, 2012

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