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edu180atl: meredith bateman 3.1.2012

What I learned today is that all students have an innate love of learning. My four-year old is often described as a firecracker while my two-year old is the calm, old-soul who often appears to be in quiet reflection.After spending the past two days in both of their classrooms I’ve learned that my “little old man” possesses the same passion for all things school just like his older sister. What I observed spoke to me as a mother but to the teacher in me as well. Having taught a subject that most students claim is their least favorite, I have worked tirelessly to create lesson plans that sparked an interest in my students. So often I found myself excusing a “failed” lesson on the belief that not all students enjoy all subject matter. I had even started to categorize my own children in such a way. The experiences of this week have taught me the opposite. When children are free to discover information and material in their own way they are empowered and inspired to grow, no matter the subject. The acquisition of knowledge becomes a personal accomplishment rather than a course requirement. Observing my children these last two days has enlightened me to the fact that when students are liberated to make mistakes they are inspired to construct their own curriculum of trial and error, a successful curriculum for the subject of life.

Meredith F. Bateman: mother of two; former/future upper school history teacher and student of all things United States history.

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  1. A helpful reminder, Meredith. Thank you for your clear expression of this foundational idea.

    March 1, 2012

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