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edu180atl: wendy albrecht 3.13.12

Last night, my eight students and I returned from a week-long trip to Briey, France. Each student (and teacher) was hosted by a family in the area who had a son or daughter in high school at Lycée Louis Betrand. I’ve travelled internationally with students on three prior occasions and have always had a marvelous time, but this trip was a complete departure from my previous experiences. We arrived on Saturday, March 3rd, and by Tuesday my kiddos were already threatening to lose their passports! They wanted to stay in small town France, presumably, forever. Not only did they quickly get over the homesickness and foreign language headaches I had warned them about, but they integrated themselves seamlessly into the everyday life of total strangers. Well, thanks to Skype and Facebook, not TOTAL strangers, but they acclimated much more quickly than I would have thought possible regardless. I learned that young people, when presented with amazing opportunities, can be pretty amazing themselves. I have never been prouder in all my life and it’s an awesome feeling.

About the author: Madame Albrecht is a French grammar psychopath who thinks that travel can change the world!

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