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edu180atl: oliver babb 3.19.12

Today, at Trinity School in Atlanta, it was buddy day. For us, it is a day to be with the younger kids of our school for an entire morning. For them, it was an exciting day to have the big kids all to themselves.

To start, this morning was a late arrival day. School started at 9:15, instead of the normal 8:05. It was a miracle to sleep in, because I had a tennis tournament this weekend and I hadn’t exactly gone to bed early on Sunday night. The buddy day activities started off with writing some heart-felt notes to soldiers, with some beautiful pictures drawn by our younger buddies. Afterwards, we all went out to our field where we participated in all kinds of athletic events. First, it was the buddy relay, where we ran around a cone with our buddy. Next was the baton relay, which was practically the same thing but with a baton. Finally, we got some multi-person jump ropes and jumped in and out, again and again, with our buddies.

I wasn’t expecting it to be as fun as it actually was. The Friday before, I was assigned the job of keeping all the kids in order, but while I was doing this, I was seeing the little kids having a really great time. Such a great time that it inspired some of that same feeling in me. I realized that sometimes, seeing someone else having such a great time can be awfully contagious.

About the Author: Oliver Babb is a Sixth Grader at Trinity School who loves to play tennis and basketball, and play guitar. He is a hobbyist who loves to create working model airplanes, robotic arms, and amphibious cars, all from scratch and all from his own designs. He is passionate in art and music as well and creates his own pieces using guitar and the keyboard. He lives at home with a sister, a dog named Scout, and two parents.

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  1. Oliver, your teacher / friend Ms. Megan Howard shared a link to this story with me. Great work on writing this. I am very impressed. I hope you are doing well and having a wonderful school year. How is your tennis going? I hope to see you back at camp this summer. Take care. Strahan

    March 20, 2012

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