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edu180atl: lele preuss 3.20.12

This past weekend, I was playing piano and couldn’t get any of my songs right. Every note seemed to come out wrong, and I was having a pretty frustrating lesson. I was about to quit when I remembered my favorite motto — keep trying and never give up.

In school today, my teacher gave the students a talk about fixed mindsets and growth mindsets. A fixed mindset is when you’re just working on one thing and a growth mindset is when you’re improving. I thought back to the weekend and remembered how much trouble I was having playing my piano piece. I remembered wanting to give up, but my mind was telling me that I needed to keep improving. I have to remind myself that mistakes can be a good thing because they help you learn. When I want to give up, I am not able to keep growing.

Every kid has a growth mindset because they are willing to try new things. They aren’t fully developed and don’t know what they want for a career. Adults sometimes have fixed mindsets because they already have a career and they are comfortable in a routine. They don’t always grow because they already know what they are doing.

However I believe learning shouldn’t stop when you become an adult.

Instead, everyone should keep learning new things. Kids can be an inspiration for adults because we model growing and learning everyday.

Today I learned even if you are having trouble to never give up.

About the Author: Lele Preuss is a Trinity School 5th grader who loves to dance and play piano. She is very thankful for her friends.

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  1. Muriel Knope #

    Thank you, Lele, for this wonderful reminder to have a “can do” attitude and to keep an open mind. I admire your determination to continue practicing and playing the piano.

    Muriel Knope

    March 20, 2012
  2. Sarah Neale Williams #

    What an impressive entry! As a teacher of 5th graders, I’m beyond impressed! Very insightful…I can’t wait to share this with my students. I discussed this same topic with other teachers at a conference in Boston in November. It’s amazing to read a student’s take on it. Thank you so much for inspiring me today and making me think!

    March 20, 2012

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