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edu180atl: ford robinson 3.26.12

I’ve been watching a lot of basketball because of March Madness, the NCAA college basketball tournament.  It has sparked my desire to get better in basketball, so I have been practicing my 3-point and hook shots.  I usually play center and have always focused on rebounding and “put-backs”, but watching the tournament has shown me that even strong centers need to have a wide range of shots, including outside shots.

When I practice, I start out small (under the basket) and go further outside to push myself and my shot.  Each day I try to sink as many shots as I can from 10-feet, 15-feet, and even as far out as the three-point arch.  I started by shooting about 10 shots from each spot and I didn’t make many of them.  Now, I shoot at least 40 shots from each spot and sink about 40% of them.  To me, this is progress.

Today, I stretched myself even further and went well beyond the three-point line.  I took about 50 shots from that spot and I made at least 50% of them.  This is impressive for a forward who is usually under the basket.  Before I started practicing so hard my outside shot form was not very good.  After watching how the college players shoot and how important the rhythm of their shot it, I’ve tried to imitate them and it’s working.

I plan on sticking with basketball because it’s a great sport and I love the game!

Ford Robinson is a tall, athletic 7th-grade student who loves to play (and watch) sports.  He plays football, lacrosse, and, of course, basketball. 

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