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edu180atl: sarah neale williams 3.28.12

I love everything about spring-warm temperatures, longer days, beautiful flowers, and the overall happiness that seems to be everywhere.  However, in schools, spring seems to be the craziest time of year.  The pressure is on…finish out the year strong, make sure they’re ready to take the next step, ensure you’ve covered everything, and-oh yes-make time for all the “extras” that come with the end of the year.  The days and weeks seem to pass by as one big blur, and before we know it, the year is done.

Today, as I wrote the date on the board, I found it hard to believe we’re just days away from April.  Two short months and then another year is in the books.  This year, I want spring to be different.  Instead of rushing through each day, caught up in the urgency and commotion, I want to appreciate these moments, and I want my students to do the same.  I want us to learn, experience, and celebrate; making the most of our time together, valuing the relationships we’ve formed.  Although summer and the anticipation of a new year are exciting, so are the moments we are living right now, and these moments will become our past faster than we can imagine.

So this spring, my desire for my students and myself is to “stop and smell the roses,” slowing down just enough to live in each moment and enjoy now, confident the future will come soon enough.

Sarah Neale Williams loves her job as a 5th grade teacher.  She is grateful to work in a school where supportive colleagues and enthusiastic students continue to teach, challenge, and inspire her everyday.

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