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edu180atl: sue levine 3.29.12

Why am I planting flowers when there are so many weeds that need to be pulled?

Today, I found myself planting flowers despite the fact that nearby, I have a large, prominent area full of weeds that needs to be dealt with. I was surprised how easy it was for me to focus on doing something fun like planting new flowers while a large mass of dreaded weeds loomed over my shoulder. 

I started to wonder how I was feeling joy instead of anxiety, since I normally get distracted by the stress of what needs to be done instead of focusing on what I am doing. I have the daunting task of taking care of my own yard. And, in Atlanta, there is always a lot  of yard work to do! Most of the time I feel overwhelmed because there are never enough hours in the week for me to do what needs to be done to get all of the parts of my yard into optimal condition.

As I was preparing the soil, I  realized I was experiencing a very familiar feeling. I ran inside with my muddy gloves and got my camera to take a picture of the pretty pink flowers as soon as I recognized my learning moment of the day was in progress! Today I learned that it’s ok to work on stimulating learning activities with my students even though there a lot of basic skill and drill concepts that need attention. If I don’t, my students will have memorized some facts but they will never bloom without being fertilized.

Sue Levine  (@staffdevjnkie) plays the role of Teacher-Librarian in an Atlanta elementary school and thinks kids learn best while singing.

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