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edu180atl: ferrol macon 4.9.12

Today is less about learning and more about re-learning. My life is cyclical even as it progresses
forward. My passion for learning often causes me to miss spending time reflecting on past lessons
or even fully digesting the present. In my thirst for new knowledge and experiences, I sacrifice these
critical activities time and time again.

While life is lived moving forward, the past informs and gives context to the present. I love the analogy
of a car windshield. Roughly 90% provides a view forward while about 10% is dedicated to rear and side
view mirrors. I find that ratio is a good guide for giving mindshare to new learning and reflection.

As I am writing, however, a couple of fresh thoughts hit me related to the car analogy. There are two
other ratios that should be considered. First is how much time we spend riding in the car versus at a
particular destination. The second relates to the destinations, how many of them are familiar and how
many of them are new.

Life consists of mainly familiar and routine experiences, with new and unique ones scattered
throughout. This is why reflection is key. It how we put more life into the familiar. The unique
moments are important accents but cannot satisfy by themselves.

In the few years I have left with my kids at home, I pray we will get to our tomorrows by fully living our

Ferrol Macon (@ferrolmacon) is a husband of 25 years and father of two hoping to leave the world a better place than he found it.

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