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edu180atl: melissa kight 4.10.12

On my first Trinity overnight trip, it all started to be a great day at camp Will-a-way.  Our second activity was boating.  I was excited because my partners were two of my best friends, Meg and Grace.  When we got into our kayaks, we were all side-by-side trying to get as far out into the water as we could, paddling hard and very close together.   When we were trying to turn around, Grace’s paddle flew up and hit me right above my eye.  Screaming “ow,” I put my hands over my face.  I was trying not to cry but it really hurt.  I started crying silently and then got louder.  Meg gently pulled my hands off my face.  She screamed, “Oh, Melissa!”  I slowly opened my good eye and looked at my hands, which were smeared with blood.

Once I saw the blood, I started to cry louder.  I was disappointed that I was really hurt.  Meg and Grace called for Thomas to get the teachers.  My coach helped me paddle back over to the dock.  As I got to the dock, the manager of the dock asked me if I was all right.  I loudly sobbed and nodded.  He said, “It sure doesn’t sound like it.”  He pulled me onto shore and my friends sat me down.

I got ice on my eye and it felt much better.  I learned that day that you should keep your distance sometimes even if you are good friends.

Melissa is a fifth grader who loves soccer, swimming and nature. She recently starred as the White Witch in Narnia. She enjoys mustaches and nachos.

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