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edu180atl: john 4.11.12

What did I learn today?- Recently, I’ve been realizing that the world doesn’t revolve around me as an individual.  I’ve been realizing that there are a lot of other people in the world that matter as well.  But lately I’ve been saying and thinking the classic teenager line: “Ugh! I have the worst life ever!”  Or,  “Oh my god, my parents are the WORST.”  But, I now find myself noticing that I’m a pretty lucky kid.  And, I mean I’ve always known not to focus on yourself, but I realized that compared to other people around the world my problems are pretty negligible and I shouldn’t dwell on them.  Anyway, this week I learned that my problems aren’t the only ones that matter.
About John: “I am a thinker, and I really like being a leader even though I am pretty bad at it.  I like to think of myself as smart and creative, and who knows? Maybe I am.  It’s just that I’m not so sure.  I also like to draw, read and other things that most middle schoolers do.”
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  1. Susie Gentry #

    Well said John! You are an amazing teenager with an incredible life behind and ahead of you. And yes, John you are so very smart and creative. Trust me, I’m a nurse. I know these things.

    April 11, 2012

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