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edu180atl: stephanie bullock 4.13.12

Yesterday I witnessed magic in the making.

My son discovered the joy of sliding—climbing cautiously step by step up the ladder by himself, plopping down on his padded tush (with a little help), and then racing for the grass below.

Today I watched my boy climb confidently up that same ladder, smiling and babbling the entire way. This time, he plummeted headfirst down the slide, landing in a happy heap. I looked on as he gathered himself, noting the telltale souvenirs of rough and tumble-ness: a smudge of dirt on his cheek, a stray piece of grass on his lip. Even though I didn’t think it could be possible, today was even more magical than the day before.

I look forward to his daily discoveries: tugging the end of the toilet paper roll and watching with delight as it produces a longer and longer strand, tapping a bubble as it tries to escape his reach and watching it pop and disappear, and repeatedly lifting up his shirt to see that his belly button is, in fact, still there. Never before has learning been so important and so visible. Being his shadow, sidekick, and cheerleader for the last 465 days has taught me that every single moment is truly a gift.

A little nerdy and a lot blessed, Stephanie Bullock (@srbullock) is an academic technology teacher at The Lovett School and mom to a 15-month-old magician.  She looks forward to what each tomorrow will bring.


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  1. great post, cuz!!

    April 13, 2012

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