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edu180atl: ezra adams 4.17.12

Late April days, with the end of the term in sight, tempt the learner to take a day off. We have all summer long, the sirens sing, to read articles and books and blogs! The promise of summertime tempts the learner now more than the harshest winter, yet we must protect the daily priority of planting seeds within ourselves. We must learn when distractions reach new heights of clamor and fog.

My learning today involved a strange five minutes before departing on a 7th grade field trip. I chose to continue rereading Pearl Rock Kane’s “Farewell, Lone Warrior”.

Today, I reread Dr. Kane’s comments regarding the headmaster in the community:

Frank Boyden knew this instinctively. He played an active role in the town of Deerfield and he was sensitive to the needs of the community. In all likelihood, Deerfield Academy would have closed its doors if not for the alliances Boyden built outside of the school.

Today’s educators still labor with a determination even Frank Boyden would appreciate. But we do not serve alone. We have said farewell to the lone warrior because we now understand that we are not alone in this business of teaching and learning.

I think Frank Boyden would approve.

Ezra Adams learns and teaches as Director of Student Life at Episcopal Day School in Augusta. Hobbies: Merlin, Yoda, and finding Potential.

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