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edu180atl: julia rhee 4.18.12

A year ago, my parents and I made a family creed which summarizes the rules we try to live by.  We call it the four “R”s.

The first R stands for “Really try hard.”  Last year in a softball competition, I won the first two stages but not the third.  Although I felt devastated at the time, I learned that life will have success and failure.  No one can succeed every time.  In fact, failures may be even more valuable than successes, because they encourage me to try even harder.  

The second R stands for “Responsibility,” which means “if you can do it, do it.” It means cleaning up, getting ready for school, and looking for ways to help others.

The third R stands for “Respect,” which means treating others the way you want to be treated.  It means being kind even when my brother is bothering me, obeying my parents, and standing up for others who can’t stand up for themselves or need help.

The final R stands for “Reassurance”.  That means knowing that in whatever I do, God is in control and has a good plan for me.

Recently, though, I’ve thought about adding a fifth R:  “Really be loved.”   Even when I’m not at my best —  I haven’t Really tried hard as I should’ve, wasn’t Responsible, didn’t act Respectfully, and don’t feel too Reassured — I know that I am still “Really loved” by my family anyway, and that gives me encouragement to never give up.

Julia Rhee is a Trinity 3rd grader, an avid reader and aspiring writer.  She enjoys playing guitar, tennis, basketball and softball.  Julia can often be found putting the 5 “R”s to use on her younger brother, James.

Image is from Wikimedia Commons, though sourced at this site.

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