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edu180atl: dallas thompson 4.19.12

I am in the profession of learning. I’ve been blessed to call myself a teacher for the last 5 years. Even though I spend the majority of my day teaching, I spend a very large part of my time learning, too. Today, I learned about the POWER of relaxation.

We are in the “testing season” at our elementary school. The CRCT is next week, and like most schools, we’re busy preparing the students for it. We’ve been reviewing for a couple of weeks at this point.

I try to make review as interesting and engaging as possible for the students who need it. I know if we sit down and just do practice books that it will be a death sentence for both the students and for me. We’ve done a variety of things to keep it interesting while still reviewing major concepts before the big test.

Today, I sat down with my lovelies (that’s the nickname I have for my students) and I said, “It’s Thursday. We start the CRCT Monday. We’ve all worked hard this year, especially the last couple of weeks. I know you are ready. I trust that if you pay close attention, you will be able to do a great job. Today, we’re going to relax.”

And we did. We still worked, but it was relaxing. Spirits were high in my classroom – both the students’ and mine. The lesson I learned? Relaxation led to confidence, and that’s the best test prep in all the world.

Dallas Thompson (@ACommaQueen) is a wife, mother, and nerdy 5th grade teacher. She has a slight addiction to Twitter and teaching blogs.


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